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Making History – A New Curriculum

I’m in the middle of developing a new Project-Based Learning, STEM/ELA/History curriculum set in the theme of Time Travel. We had a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to build the entire set of 9 units:

If you still want to get the materials as soon as they come out, you can participate in the pre-orders here:

The first projects will start coming out in September of 2015. The entire curriculum is estimated to be done late Spring 2016.

(Pre-order prices are currently much lower than what retail will be. Most likely, due to the scope of this curriculum, it will end up costing more than ZBL when it is all done.

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New Presentation Skills Lesson and Rubrics

I know we’re getting to the end of the school year, but I’ve added a lesson on Presentation Skills and some rubrics for assessing presentation skills. Over time, I intend to add more 21st Century Skills rubrics and lessons, integrating them with current Zombie-Based Learning projects.

Members can find the lessons and rubrics on the Project 01 page or sign in and download them here;
Presenting Information Lesson
Project 1 Presentation Rubric 6th Grade
Project 1 Presentation Rubric 7th Grade
Project 1 Presentation Rubric 8th Grade

Grade level rubrics are provided to assess presentation skills (based on Common Core Speaking and Listening standards) and integrating visuals into presentations (based on Common Core Literacy in Social Studies standards).

This lesson can be worked into any project, Zombie-Based Learning or otherwise.

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New Dead Reckon Online Viewer


I have added a new online viewer for the first issue of Dead Reckon. This new reader is faster loading, higher quality, and I’ve given it a simple URL so that teachers may share it with students.

The full comic is behind a login.

Members can find the login and password on the Dead Reckon Downloads page. Share this login with your students to provide them access to the online viewer.

Here is the URL you can direct students to:

You may also view a demo of the new online viewer here: Dead Reckon Demo

Feel free to provide any feedback. I made these changes based on feedback from some of the students who were reading the comic and having trouble reading it as a PDF or having to deal with slow loading. If you have any suggestions on how to make this reading experience easier for teachers and students, feel free to contact me:

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Lesson Slideshows for Members

I’ll be posting slideshows to go with project lessons. These are available to all members on

The slideshow for the first lesson of project 01 is the first to go up. It’s available on the Project 01 page.

Below is a PDF of the slides.

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Maps » Population Density Maps

Maps » Population Density Maps

If you’re teaching, learning, or working on a project that requires you to find resources on population density, make sure you check out the Global Rural-Urban Mapping Project (GRUMP) hosted at Columbia University. They compile data from NASA nighttime photos from space to create maps of where people are located (the same method used in ZBL Project 01 and Dead Reckon).

Take a look at the site and browse some of the awesome maps they have. If you are doing any research of a country, these maps will be valuable to you. You can even register to download specific data.

Maps » Population Density Grid, v1: Global Rural-Urban Mapping Project GRUMP, v1 | SEDAC.