Zombie-Based Curriculum features:

  • Designed for grades 4-8
  • 10 Units, 75 hours of Project-Based Learning instruction
  • Approx. 35% of instruction is projects
  • Designed by a Highly Qualified teacher in Social Studies and English Language Arts
  • Projects include skills needed for Common Core and other state standards:
    • complex texts, evidence-based argumentation, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking to solve real world problems
  • Based on 2012 National Geography Standards
  • Developed with Understanding by Design®
  • Comic book offers out of classroom engagement


  • Excellent supplement to add Geography to existing social studies program
  • Flexible to incorporate local geography or to expand globally
  • Incorporates Common Core skills across content areas beyond ELA
  • Designed for customization
  • Designed to encourage out of classroom informal learning

Extended Video for Educator Running Time: 24 minutes